Kass O’Brien


Two passions I was introduced to in my childhood; were the ocean and art. My father enjoyed commercial fishing as a hobby and we joined him off the coast of Nantucket during the school year.  The surf thrilled me and I delighted in finding treasures in the tidal pools. It may be that those years spent surf casting and fly fishing exposed me to the art inspired by the sea.  

The water has been a constant companion. My youth was spent near the shores of Lake Erie, summers we vacationed on a boat in Canada. After college, I hopped a sailboat for the Caribbean and snorkeled the coral reefs and emerald seas. Caribbean color is indelibly etched in my soul. 

My exposure to art came from my Mother, a docent in our local art museum. We would spend our afternoons dashing about the exhibits and sneaking into the studios. I earned my formal art training with a BFA Columbus College of Art and Design and a MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art. 

I’m grateful my parents were avid art collectors. It is my desire to produce art that gives as much inspiration as the art my family enjoyed. My mediums have varied from large scale photography, ceramics and sculpture. Like the sea, I have evolved as an artist, but remain true to the enduring joy it evokes. 

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